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SaverLife aims to educate and reward Americans who need help saving money and investing in their futures. The goal of the nonprofit is to lead a systematic change with rewards, expert resources and support to encourage new saving habits.

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About 40% of Americans have less than $400 in their savings account and millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. SaverLife aims to help educate people on financial literacy and give support to those who are saving. However, habit-forming can be difficult. Saving, in particular, is a harder habit to form because it requires detailed planning and is more volatile due to real-life circumstances.


Our organization has worked with SaverLife to create a mobile application that displays a look at Saverlife’s resources. By designing and implementing a neat and convenient interface, the application is crafted to encourage users to utilize all that SaverLife has to offer to aid in the process of saving.

Tech Stack

React Native, Redux, Redux Saga


Track Savings 

Visualize the user’s savings and progress towards their goal. 

SaverLife Feature - Track Savings

Read Articles

Showcase articles to learn more about financial literacy and related topics that SaverLife has to offer.

SaverLife Feature - Read Articles

Calendar View

Add important events in the calendar for efficient planning. 

SaverLife Feature - Calendar View

Meet The Team

Betty Shen Betty Shen Product Manager
Utkarsh Awasthi Utkarsh Awasthi Tech Lead
Siraj Chokshi Siraj Chokshi Product Designer
Lauren Ho Lauren Ho Software Developer
Matthew Walowski Matthew Walowski Software Developer
Melody Felix Melody Felix Software Developer
Michael Leon Michael Leon Software Developer
Sabelle Huang Sabelle Huang Software Developer