Our Services

Web & Mobile Applications

We provide our nonprofit partners with software solutions for their needs typically in the web and mobile space. Projects can take one or multiple semesters.


Our designers create product designs tailored specifically to a nonprofit's needs and branding with an emphasis on user experience.

Iterative Feedback

Our project leads stay are consistently in touch with your nonprofit's point of contact to navigate decisions, clarify goals, and respond to feedback.

For the last few semesters, the New American Welcome Center has been working with Hack4Impact to create a virtual resource navigation site called Oasis, which is specifically made to house a lot of information in regards to resources and services for immigrants and refugees in our community. We have been working really tirelessly with Hack4Impact to make sure that we are collecting as much information that we can from the community, from our staff, from our clients to make sure that this resource navigation site is accessible and is addressing the needs that they are facing. We are really really excited in the progress that we have made, and we think that we are in such a great place in terms of our community once we’re able to launch oasis. It’s all thanks to the hard work that the students in Hack4Impact have put in and all of our clients who are going to be looking forward to this service and to be able to have this available at our community. We’re really really thankful to have been able to build a long-standing partnership with Hack4Impact and for the impact that we know they’re gonna have in our community.
Griselda Escobedo
Americorps Vista at the YMCA NAWC

How We Work

At Hack4Impact, we develop software for nonprofits to make their work more efficient, effective, and far-reaching. Generally, we set up a call with potential nonprofit partners to learn more about their initiatives and goals. If our goals align, we delve deeper into project specifications, pain points, and user research before confirming the project and matching a development team. We aim to build sustainable products with long-lasting impact for nonprofits and those they are trying to help.

How We Work

Application Process


Initial Contact

If you believe that your non-profit organization is a good fit for the work we do at Hack4Impact, please reach out to us at [email protected].


Intro Call

We will reach out to schedule a call to learn more about your organization's ideas and goals, and also discuss the way Hack4Impact works with non-profits like yours.



Following the intro call, if there is a good fit for a partnership between Hack4Impact and your organization, we may schedule additional calls to discuss project specifications, gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the projects, and narrow down which ideas to pursue to adhere to our development timeline and stay aligned with both our goals.



Our team will continue to work with yours to gain insight through discovering pain points, conducting user research, and incorporating any other feedback from your organization. This will allow our development teams to build an optimal product for your needs!



We will review the details for the finalized project and confirm that our goals and expectations are on the same page, including timeline, project goals, and the technologies used. If everything checks out, our our project leads will contact you to begin the development process!

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