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Students are a core part of what makes Hack4Impact. Joining Hack4Impact is the perfect way to give back while developing new skills and making long-lasting friendships.

Open Positions

Outreach Director

Hack4Impact UIUC is looking for an Outreach Director to manage our connections and be a primary liaison between nonprofit founders, sponsorship point of contacts, RSO directors, and any other external partners. Hack4Impact is a student organization that creates impactful software products for socially minded organizations across the globe. This summer, our Outreach Director will manage our product research (PR) process. Working alongside our PR committee, an internal team, the Outreach Director will navigate and manage communication with a large swath of organizations we will potentially work on projects with. In the fall, the Outreach Director responsibilities will consist of external events coordination, managing and leading several workshops, recruitment talks, and sponsor meet and greets. The core work is similar between both summer and fall, and the PR process will start again as we get to the end of the fall semester. The Outreach Director position is a minimum two school-semester position, which means it will run from June 2024 - May 2025.

Application Process

We are currently recruiting for an Outreach Director. Please apply here by Wednesday, June 5th. See the application for more information about the role. If you would like application reminders or want to stay updated with our recruitment timeline, feel free to fill out our Interest Form! Also, here is our official Notion page with more general information.

Outreach Director Applications Due

Wednesday, June 5th

Please submit your written applications for Outreach Director to by Wednesday, June 5th at 11:59pm CT.

Outreach Director First Round Interviews

Sunday, June 9th - Monday, June 10th

Those invited to a first round interview for the Outreach Director role will have a 30 minute behavioral interview virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is extensive web development or data science experience required?

Not at all. Having web/mobile development or data science experience is definitely nice-to-have and is helpful when you are working on one of our project teams. However, mentorship is an important aspect of our organization. If you do not have much experience, we will make sure that we get you ramped up through our bootcamp before we kickoff projects and support you as you learn while designing or implementing certain features on your team. We do accept less experienced designers and developers who show strong talent and passion. You will also have a tight feedback loop with your project leads along with experienced members on your team to ensure your success and project’s success in-order to impact the nonprofit your team is working with.

Can I apply as an upperclassman?

Yes! We do accept upperclassmen who are passionate about tech for social good and have some technical or design experience. However, we do require that you have at least 3 semesters (including the current one) left.