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Cut to the Case (C2TC) is a nonprofit organization started by two UIUC Engineering students who met through a nonprofit startup aimed at increasing interest in STEM among young girls called MakerGirl. After getting accepted into iVenture Accelerator and doing summer research, Premika and Kendall decided to tackle the issue of sexual assault. CTTC’s goal is to increase reporting and eventually increase prosecution through a rape kit tracking system. Currently Premika and Kendall are working on customer research

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Settling onto a sprawling campus of over 354 University buildings, 12,454 international students, 33,673 undergraduates can be an overwhelming experience for UIUC students. Currently, the University offers introductory programs including Freshmen and International Student Orientation programs that gives students a preview of available safety & wellness resources. However, after those introductory programs conclude, there is little guidance or follow-up on where and how to navigate these safety resources. This sense of being overwhelmed is particularly heightened when students are in transit — traveling around at night, walking in areas they have not been to before, etc.


This mobile application aims to provide quick & easy access information to students as they navigate around the campus through location-triggered tip notifications, empowering students to better understand their surroundings and ultimately make more informed decisions throughout the school year.

Tech Stack

React Native, Flask, MongoDB

Main Features

Safety Companion For Illinois Students

Illini SafeMaps is the one stop for all things safety for U of I students. From finding the location of previous crimes to posting tips for other students to learn from, SafeMaps is dedicated to helping students stay safer on campus.

Cut to the Case SafeMaps Feature - Safety Companion For Illinois Students

Stay Informed Of What's Happening

Stay up to date with location based tips on campus. Students can read and post tips relating to crimes, health, transportation, financial safety and more!

Cut to the Case SafeMaps Feature - Stay Informed of What's Happening

See What's Around You

SafeMaps has information about crimes, emergency phones, police stations, bus stops, streetlights and open businesses.

Cut to the Case SafeMaps Feature - See What's Around You

Access Verified Info From Trustworthy Sources

Click on a point of interest to learn more about the event which is maintained and updated regularly to ensure the most accurate data for all of our users.

Cut to the Case SafeMaps Feature - Access Verified Info From Trustworthy Sources

Share Tips To Make Community Safer

Learn and contribute to our large database of safety tips.

Cut to the Case SafeMaps Feature - Share Tips to Make Community Safer

Meet The Team

Shreyas Mohan Shreyas Mohan Product Manager
Megha Mallya Megha Mallya Tech Lead
Annie Wu Annie Wu Product Designer
Philip Kuo Philip Kuo Product Designer
Albert Cao Albert Cao Software Developer
Alice Fang Alice Fang Software Developer
Anooj Lal Anooj Lal Software Developer
Daniel Choi Daniel Choi Software Developer
Josh Burke Josh Burke Software Developer
Michael Leon Michael Leon Software Developer
Neeraj Aggarwal Neeraj Aggarwal Software Developer
Rebecca Xun Rebecca Xun Software Developer