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MENTEE is a nonprofit that offers a network of global specialists and a supportive program to those 18 and older living around the world and marginalized in their own communities. They hope to help individuals and communities feel empowered and secure in their future, while creating lasting connections and learning that will accelerate their own success.

About the Product

To help MENTEE further their mission, we created a platform to bring their program virtual and global. This application allows mentees to connect with mentors by browsing through mentor profiles and booking appointment times. Profiles showcase the mentor’s expertise, resources offered, languages spoken, and more. Mentors also have the option to insert videos into their profiles to highlight their skills and offer basic training. With this, mentees are offered the power of choice and access, while also making this mentorship program more scalable. 

Tech Stack

React, Redux, Flask, MongoDB




As a mentor you have the flexibility to set appointment times for when mentees can meet with you. You can then view your appointment requests in your portal.

MENTEE Mentor Profile

Edit your profile with information about your background, career, and education. In addition you can add asynchronous mentorship videos



As a mentee you can find a mentor through the mentor gallery. Filtering by specialization and language will help you find the best fit. 

MENTEE Mentee Portal

Your mentee portal is where you can see the mentors you have bookmarked and the status of your upcoming appointments.

MENTEE Mentee Messages

Make your profile public so other mentors/mentees can reach out to you through messages.



As an admin you can easily view real time data and download this data into a spreadsheet for further analysis. This will allow you to make guided decisions in directing mentees to certain mentors.

I am so grateful for this incredible University of Illinois student run team. They have been tirelessly devoted to the work they do, whether it be with me or others. I am incredibly impressed with their professionalism, and their creativity, and devotion to my idea and improving on my ideas in order to achieve something that is the best possible product.
Letitia Zwickert
Founder & CEO of MENTEE
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Meet The Team

Angela Luo Angela Luo Product Manager
Lam Tran Lam Tran Product Manager
Kelley Chau Kelley Chau Tech Lead
Kendall Hester Kendall Hester Tech Lead
Leonardo Galindo-Frias Leonardo Galindo-Frias Tech Lead
Faith Losbanes Faith Losbanes Product Designer
Nikhil Gargeya Nikhil Gargeya Product Designer
Andy Wong Andy Wong Software Developer
Daniel Moon Daniel Moon Software Developer
Ishaan Sharma Ishaan Sharma Software Developer
Luciana Toledo-López Luciana Toledo-López Software Developer
Michael Chen Michael Chen Software Developer
Nayonika Roy Nayonika Roy Software Developer
Praneeth Guduguntla Praneeth Guduguntla Software Developer
Zayyan Faizal Zayyan Faizal Software Developer