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Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is an international NPO with the mission of serving vulnerable children in underserved communities. Through their services, which include nutrition programs, summer camps, and healing homes, LWB is able to target education, nutrition, medical care, and foster care. LWB mainly serves in China, Cambodia, India, and Uganda.


Recently, the Cambodian Ministry of Education implemented a written English component on the college entrance exams, requiring English competency in order to be admitted to university for the following term. Currently students and tutors can only contact via DM and facebook groups and tutors/admins aren't able to track the progress of their students.


We worked with LWB to create an application that tracks the progress of students and their interactions with tutors. This platform allows students to access standardized lessons and work with teachers on individual worksheets and lesson notes in real-time through google docs. Admins can manage all the students and teachers through the platform while keeping track of the student progress.

Main Features

Standardized Lessons and Worksheets

Lessons are created by administrators, which consist of lessons, worksheets, and quizzes.

Love Without Boundaries Feature - Standardized Lessons and Worksheets

Google Drive Integration

Worksheets are copied over to the student's personal google drive and accessible by tutors and admins.

Love Without Boundaries Feature - Google Drive Integration

Tutor-Student Matching

Tutors are matched with students by Admins so tutors are able to work on the same material with their students.

Love Without Boundaries Feature - Tutor-Student Matching


Quizzes are mandatory to pass lessons and are useful to gauge the progress of a student.

Love Without Boundaries Feature - Quizzes

The software is transformative. To be able to bring English language competency and ability to pass the college entrance exams to these students in an extremely impoverished and vulnerable region literally transforms futures . These students now can have options and select a career where they can think about what they want to do in life and contribute to the economy. It opens the door to a new future.
Kelly Wolfe
Love Without Boundaries Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships

Meet The Team

Timothy Ko Timothy Ko Product Manager
Aria Malkani Aria Malkani Tech Lead
Alan Ren Alan Ren Software Developer
Hana Rimawi Hana Rimawi Software Developer
Michael Chen Michael Chen Software Developer
Shreyas Mohan Shreyas Mohan Software Developer
Teja Kotha Teja Kotha Software Developer