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Founded and run by former hate group members who have led successful post-movement lives, ExitUSA™ provides support to individuals who are looking to leave racism and violence behind. The organization uses a variety of strategies, including public awareness campaigns, individualized education and job training programs, and leveraging strategic community partnerships to help individuals get their lives back on track and on their way to making positive contributions to society.

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Life After Hate members and ExitUSA™ volunteers are often requested to provide their service recipients with referrals to mental health support, tattoo removal, housing services, and more. However, their extensive collection of resources is dispersed among multiple platforms, such as their online ticketing system Supportbee, Smartsheets, and individual emails. When new referrals need to be made or when a crisis occurs, the time it takes to track down resources can be costly for service recipients who require time-sensitive support. 


We built a centralized platform to store all necessary information to provide referrals, case management, and face-to-face interventions. Data is secured and location-restricted such that staff and volunteers can only access resource data relevant to their needs. In our second semester, we created an automated system to issue updates, integrated Redux and RamdaJS to handle interactions between views and data, and created a “staging” and “production” version of the application to allow for testing mock data while restricting sensitive data exclusively to Life After Hate staff. 

Tech Stack

React, Node, MongoDB, Express, Redux, Mapbox


Searchable Map View 

All resources are shown on the map view with markers. Detailed information is listed on the sidebar. Searching by location, keyword, or tag will bring up related resources. Clicking on a resource tag will filter the resources shown on the map.

Life After Hate Feature - Searchable Map View

Resource Directory View 

A complete list of resources is shown in the directory. Resources can also be searched by location, keyword, or tag. 

Life After Hate Feature - Resource Directory View

Resource Details 

A pop-up modal shows the details of each resource in the directory view. Admins can also edit the resources in this view.

Life After Hate Feature - Resource Details

Login and Accounts 

Login through a Google Account. Assign accounts with different roles: admin, volunteer, or pending, which allows different permissions to be granted for each.

Life After Hate Feature - Login and Accounts

Meet The Team

Alan Fang Alan Fang Product Manager
Josh Byster Josh Byster Tech Lead
Evan Eckels Evan Eckels Product Designer
Albert Cao Albert Cao Software Developer
Alice Fang Alice Fang Software Developer
Angad Garg Angad Garg Software Developer
Aryn Harmon Aryn Harmon Software Developer
Eugenia Chen Eugenia Chen Software Developer
Gene Wang Gene Wang Software Developer
Josh Burke Josh Burke Software Developer
Lauren Ho Lauren Ho Software Developer
Rebecca Xun Rebecca Xun Software Developer