Our Partner

Kiva is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 that is funded via individual and corporate donations. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and connect people by funding loans. So far, Kiva has reached borrowers in 82 countries, and 1.7 million Kiva lenders have lent over a billion dollars to family businesses. Their goal is to reach 2 million people soon and lend the next 1 billion dollars in a shorter amount of time.


Kiva is a non-profit organization which crowdfunds loans for lower-income and underserved people all across the world. Kiva Field Partners act as intermediaries between Kiva and borrowers and are largely responsible for managing the details of loans and repayment. Currently, Field Partner financial documents are submitted through Kiva through email and must be manually checked to make sure all documents are provided and are properly filled out/formatted/etc.


Our project consolidates this process into a single portal where Field Partners and Portfolio Managers can see which documents need to be uploaded and track their progress. We integrate this with some file repository service (likely Box or GitHub) and aim to create a streamlined, secure portal that will eliminate the hassle of tracking multiple financial documents across a wide network of Field Partners.

Main Features

Login Page

Kiva users and partners can log in to our application and be verified using the security tool developed by our chapter's Product Infrastructure team.

Kiva Portfolio Tool Feature - Login Page

Field Partner Dashboard

Required documents are organized by their status, and portfolio managers can reject or approve them based on their completions.

Kiva Portfolio Tool Feature - Field Partner Dashboard

Portfolio Manager Dashboard

Where portfolio managers can see the statuses of all their field partners, organized by whether each partner is currently in the reviewing process, has just been created, or has finished the review process.

Kiva Portfolio Tool Feature - Portfolio Manager Dashboard

Document Selection Page

To set up the review process, a portfolio manager will assign requirements to a field partner from a user-defined list of document classes.

Kiva Portfolio Tool Feature - Document Selection Page

Meet The Team

Arpan Laha Arpan Laha Product Manager
Roy Chiu Roy Chiu Tech Lead
Chloe Chan Chloe Chan Product Designer
Daniel Choi Daniel Choi Software Developer
Danielle Yang Danielle Yang Software Developer
Jeffy Lin Jeffy Lin Software Developer
Kelley Chau Kelley Chau Software Developer
Utkarsh Awasthi Utkarsh Awasthi Software Developer