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Kiva is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 that is funded via individual and corporate donations. Their mission is to alleviate poverty and connect people by funding loans. So far, Kiva has reached borrowers in 82 countries, and 1.7 million Kiva lenders have lent over a billion dollars to family businesses. Their goal is to reach 2 million people soon and lend the next 1 billion dollars in a shorter amount of time.

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Kiva is a non-profit organization which crowdfunds loans for lower-income and underserved people all across the world. Kiva extends its loan-giving ability through third parties such as microfinance institutions, schools, or social enterprises. Kiva fellows and partnership managers currently use a comprehensive excel tool to assess the financial compliance, health, and fairness of these third party organizations. However, this tool is difficult to use and understand, thus causing friction within the workflow of Kiva employees and volunteers.


We worked with Kiva to create an intuitive web application that consists of three main features: creating a new loan, searching for a loan, and admin tools to manage and cleanly processes the critical inputs and outputs an accurate APR rate, repayment schedule, and loan payment visualization. The interface also allows for saving loans and pulling up previously saved loans to view, duplicate, or edit. The admin tools allows the overarching lists of approved Field Partners and Loan Themes are able to be modified.

Kiva APR Screenshot

Tech Stack

React, Redux, Flask, Postgres

Meet The Team

David Chang David Chang Product Manager
Megha Mallya Megha Mallya Tech Lead
Alan Fang Alan Fang Software Developer
Angad Garg Angad Garg Software Developer
Betty Shen Betty Shen Software Developer
Dean Lin Dean Lin Software Developer
Jamie Paterson Jamie Paterson Software Developer
Roy Chiu Roy Chiu Software Developer