Our Partner

GlobalGiving seeks to identify nonprofits around the world, creating a central directory of nonprofits. They also aim to connect each nonprofit with the necessary resources, such as connecting them with donors or setting up crowdfunding options to help the nonprofit succeed.


GlobalGiving connects with organizations based in the US and nonprofits in other countries to create a comprehensive directory of nonprofits. After building a webscraper for them in Fall 2018 to search for and collect data on nonprofit organizations, we need a way to filter through this new information. 


While the first semester primarily focused on a breadth-wide search for nonprofits, this semester’s product focused on the depth of the search into the specifics for the nonprofit. We built a data science tool which analyzes the websites and missions statements of nonprofits, group them together according to what they do, and give suggestions as to what each organization’s work may be. Ultimately, we aim to give GlobalGiving as much knowledge and foresight as possible when they reach out to new nonprofits to join their global network.


Revised Categorization Schema

This categorization considers the patterns we found through experimentation and investigation, suggesting whom the nonprofit serves and what they do.

GlobalGiving Clustering Feature - Revised Categorization Schema

Stochastic Gradient Descent

We used scikit-learn's Stochastic Gradient Descent classifier, a OneVsRest classifier, and a multiclass classification to visualize the data of an NGO.

GlobalGiving Clustering Feature - Stochastic Gradient Descent

Document Vectors

Using Doc2Vec, we created a document vector model for each one using Kmeans to find similarities between projects.

GlobalGiving Clustering Feature - Document Vectors

Unguided LDA

Unguided LDA class creates a model representing the “topics” present in a dataset of non-profit projects.

GlobalGiving Clustering Feature - Unguided LDA

Meet The Team

Josh Burke Josh Burke Product Manager
Aryn Harmon Aryn Harmon Tech Lead
Eugenia Chen Eugenia Chen Software Developer
Jacqueline Osborn Jacqueline Osborn Software Developer
Lam Tran Lam Tran Software Developer
Prashant Pokhriyal Prashant Pokhriyal Software Developer