Our Partner

GLEN World (GLobal ENglish) is a nonprofit that seeks to bridge the opportunity divide for young English Learners (ELs) from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their premier product is GLEN Learn, an app with curriculum devised by UCSB + CMU faculty that aims to bring children from "zero to reading."


Currently, GLEN Learn has a suite of existing curriculum designed by the GLEN World team. Students work through a variety of guided lessons for vocabulary, phonology, and orthography, with interactive activities and stories. However, students that advance at different paces have no options to work faster or slower, according to their needs. Moreover, teachers are unable to assign lessons that may align with other curricula they are teaching in the classroom.


Utilizing GLEN World's existing Admin Dashboard, we wanted to provide a web app that allows teachers to create their own custom lesson plans for GLEN Learn. Teachers will be able to select lesson types and word groups that auto-generates lessons that they can assign to students on specified dates. Students will then be able to access and work through these assignments on the GLEN Learn app!


View Custom Lessons

Browse through previously created assignments and access information on their contents and assigned students. Students can navigate to the assignments page of GLEN Learn to work through assigned lessons at their own pace.

GLEN World Lesson Plans Feature - View Custom Lessons

Create New Lessons

Teachers can select from multiple lesson types, word groups, and words to generate a lesson that they assign to as many groups of students as they wish.

GLEN World Lesson Plans Feature - Create Lesson Plan

Meet The Team

Rebecca Xun Rebecca Xun Product Manager
Kelley Chau Kelley Chau Tech Lead
Anisha Rao Anisha Rao Product Designer
Angela Luo Angela Luo Software Developer
Gene Wang Gene Wang Software Developer
Lam Tran Lam Tran Software Developer
Prashant Pokhriyal Prashant Pokhriyal Software Developer