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Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare facilities through the kindness and generosity of the video game community and the power of play. They reach 169 hospitals and shelters internationally.


Child’s Play currently has an online pdf guide that categorizes recommended games by ailment, age, and device. This guide is updated around once a year with the newest EEDAR reports that they receive. The current PDF is static which requires manual searching, making it hard to update. Hospitals’ wifi usage can be limited or slow.


We worked with Child's Play to build a mobile-friendly progressive web app that allows a user to search for a game for a child to play based on their characteristics/gaming system. The site stores its data offline if it is added to a phone or tablet's homescreen and thus works with little to no wifi. Child's Play would also easily update games and matches to reflect the latest research.


Matching Games to Symptoms

Users can quickly see which games for each console that are helpful for children with a certain symptom.

Child's Play Feature - Matching Games to Symptoms

Game-specific Information

Provides externally sourced information, including tags pertaining to which symptoms and types of children the game would aid.

Child's Play Feature - Game-Specific Information

Importing New Information

Allows administrators to quickly upload more recent information to display.

Child's Play Feature - Importing New Information

Easy Updates

Administrators can easily see and update any games with incomplete information.

Child's Play Feature - Easy Updates

Meet The Team

Hana Rimawi Hana Rimawi Product Manager
Angad Garg Angad Garg Tech Lead
Albert Cao Albert Cao Software Developer
Arpan Laha Arpan Laha Software Developer
Betty Shen Betty Shen Software Developer
Jeffy Lin Jeffy Lin Software Developer
Michael Chen Michael Chen Software Developer