Our Partner

3DP4ME was started in 2015 by Jason Szolomayer, and they have a team of 15 who work to serve real human needs with practical 3D Printing. Currently, they are focusing on their Hearing Express initiative, which aims to bring modern solutions to people with hearing loss in low-income countries. Using this technology allows the process to be quicker, cheaper, on location, and custom fit for each individual.

Project Overview

Client Pain Point

In order to achieve their mission, 3DP4ME faces a great logistical challenge. Prior to a patient receiving their hearing aid, a volunteer must collect the patient’s medical information, take an ear scan, create a 3D model, and finally, print the hearing aid. Even after delivery, 3DP4ME must periodically follow up with patients to ensure that the hearing aid is meeting the patient’s needs. In the past, volunteers manually collected this information in a non standardized way. Not only did this lead to confusion and delays, but this model of data collection wasn’t scalable.

Our Solution

We’ve been working with 3DP4ME since the Fall of 2020 to create a web dashboard that addresses these issues. Our dashboard serves as a single location for all data related to 3DP4ME’s operations. Using our application, patient data, ear scans, CAD files, and feedback can all be collected, shared, and viewed by the 3DP4ME team.


Our product heavily utilizes AWS infrastructure and services to deliver a reliable and secure application. The React frontend and Node.js backend are hosted on Elastic Beanstalk, while files and data are stored in S3 and MongoDB respectively. For authentication, we use AWS Cognito with Google OAuth.

On top of that, we use automated testing and vulnerability scanning to ensure that our application is of the highest possible quality.

3DP4ME Architecture


There are a few special circumstances that present unique challenges and considerations for this project. First, since 3DP4ME is based in Jordan many of their volunteers’ native language is Arabic. To accommodate this, we added Arabic support, which includes flipping the left-to-right design to be right-to-left. Additionally, 3DP4ME is rapidly expanding, which means that our product needs to be built to grow with them! For this reason, we created a dashboard management page so that anyone without technical experience can alter the data collected on the patient management page. This means both our frontend and database schema are completely dynamic.



3DP4ME Dashboard

This is the main page the users are greeted with when they log in. From here users can view all patients or add a new patient.

Patient Management

3DP4ME Patient Management

This page stores all information for a single patient. Volunteers can add text, audio, and file data to a patient’s profile under the appropriate section tab.

Account Management

3DP4ME Account Management

Since our platform stores sensitive medical information, we need to have strong security. From the account management page, administrators can change the access levels of various users, controlling what information they can and cannot see.

Dashboard Management

3DP4ME Dashboard Management

3DP4ME is rapidly growing, so we need to make our application capable of growing with them. This page allows an administrator with no technical knowledge to change the fields that appear on the patient management page (similar to google forms).

Arabic Support

Here are a few examples of how our website looks while in Arabic:

3DP4ME Arabic Support (1)
3DP4ME Arabic Support (2)

Meet The Team

Evan Eckels Evan Eckels Product Manager
Gene Wang Gene Wang Product Manager
Matthew Walowski Matthew Walowski Tech Lead
Utkarsh Awasthi Utkarsh Awasthi Tech Lead
Anisha Rao Anisha Rao Product Designer
Amit Sawhney Amit Sawhney Software Developer
Andy Wong Andy Wong Software Developer
Archna Sobti Archna Sobti Software Developer
Ashank Behara Ashank Behara Software Developer
Ashay Parikh Ashay Parikh Software Developer
Daniel Moon Daniel Moon Software Developer
Gene Wang Gene Wang Software Developer
Kelly Dunleavy Kelly Dunleavy Software Developer
Lauren Ho Lauren Ho Software Developer
Riya Jain Riya Jain Software Developer
Sue Wee Sue Wee Software Developer
Vasu Chalasani Vasu Chalasani Software Developer
Yogi Koppol Yogi Koppol Software Developer