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Kids Save Ocean is an environmental nonprofit aiming to empower children to have their voices heard in the discussion about the planet's environment. Kids Save Ocean started out by creating an art exhibition to raise awareness and organizing the first United Nations Children’s Clean Ocean Summit, and is now currently piloting its first app, FateChanger, which empowers students and teachers by educating them about sustainability solutions and providing resources to enact policy change in their communities.


While there’s a lot of enthusiasm and energy among the global youth to better the planet and environment, there aren’t many established ways for kids to make a long-lasting impact in their communities. Sustainability is a difficult concept to gain a holistic understanding of, especially without much prior education and experience. Effective solutions require cross-disciplinary knowledge and involve systems thinking and project management skills, and there aren’t many kid-friendly platforms that consolidate the information and skills needed to create tangible sustainability-driven change.


In our partnership with Kids Save Ocean, we’ve built FateMaker, a platform intended to educate and inspire kids to design and execute on sustainability-driven projects and solutions. FateMaker coaches its users through the Human-Centered Design process as they create their projects, and also provides a platform where users can browse through projects and follow other users/projects to gain inspiration and insight into how they could improve their own communities.

Main Features

Project View

The various phases and steps comprising each project can be easily viewed using a Gantt chart, allowing users to more easily understand the temporal nature and structure of a project.

Kids Save Ocean Feature - Project View

Interactive Rich Editor

To support both the generation of design guidance by Kids Save Ocean and enable users to create their own content with freedom, project content is built on top of Draft.js, with an interface similar to the Medium editor.

Kids Save Ocean Feature - Interactive Rich Editor

Project Feed

Users can follow other users and/or projects to stay updated on what others are doing, visualizing progress with a feed with the most recent changes to followed projects or by followed users.

Kids Save Ocean Feature - Project Feed

Meet The Team

Arpan Laha Arpan Laha Product Manager
Yousef Ahmed Yousef Ahmed Tech Lead
Zayyan Faizal Zayyan Faizal Product Designer
Alice Fang Alice Fang Software Developer
Ashank Behara Ashank Behara Software Developer
Ashwin Saxena Ashwin Saxena Software Developer
Brandon Wang Brandon Wang Software Developer
Sahithi Muthyala Sahithi Muthyala Software Developer